Trowell Festival Village Committee

For many years the Trowell Festival Village Committee (TFVC) has been responsible for organising community events. Examples of successes include;

  • The Annual Christmas Event which has always been well attended by stall holders and residents of all ages. Proceeds have been donated to several charities, and good causes over the years, both within and outside the village.
  • The 60th celebration of Trowell being chosen as the Festival of Britain Village in 1951.
  • The Queen’s 60th jubilee celebrations which included a children’s tea party.

Due to the retirement of many members of the TFVC earlier this year, the Parish Council has needed to suspend its function for the time being, as there are no longer sufficient members to carry on the work. However, if new members could be found, then the Parish Council will review this decision. If anyone is interested in becoming a voluntary member, and would be able to commit time and energy to the TFVC, then the Parish Council would be pleased to hear from you. Please contact, in the first instance, the Parish Clerk via email at