Footpaths & Bridleways

Footpaths and bridleways

The purple line is the parish boundary.  The red lines are footpaths and bridleways.

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No. Description Route
1FootpathGallows Inn – Stoney Lane
2FootpathStoney Lane – FP26 & BW27
3FootpathThe Forge / Ilkeston Road- County Boundary (footbridge)
4FootpathIlkeston Road – footbridge over the R. Erewash
5FootpathStapleford Road – Stanton Gate Statio
6FootpathNottingham Road – Canal Bridge (Swansea Cottages)
7FootpathSwansea Cottages – junction with FP17
8BridlewayStapleford Road – Garden Centre
9FootpathStapleford Road (junction with BW 8) – Wortley Avenue
10FootpathNottingham Canal (nr Swansea Cottages) – Nottingham Road at foot of Pinfold Hill.
11FootpathSwansea Cottages – junction with FP17
12BridlewayNottingham Road – Junction with BW 13 north of Shortwood House
13BridlewayJunction with BW 12 – Strelley Lane
14BridlewayNottingham Road – Parish Boundary, junction with Cossall BW9
15BridlewayNottingham Road – The Old Workhouse
16FootpathEast of Moor Cottages – junction with BW16 East of Moor Farm.
17FootpathDerbyshire Avenue – Junction with FP 6 south of the brook.
18FootpathBrook (Parish Boundary) – Canal junction with FP 22.
19FootpathBrook (Parish Boundary) junction with Stapleford FP5 – Parish Boundary junction with Stapleford FP 77.
20FootpathTrowell Park Drive junction with Salcey Drive – Parish Boundary junction with Stapleford FP 1..
21FootpathTrowell Park Drive opp. Salcey Drive – Stapleford Road..
22FootpathTrowell Garden Centre (Nottingham Canal) – Parish Boundary junction with Stapleford FP 79.
23FootpathNottingham Road (M1 Bridge) (Nottingham Canal) – Junction with FP 10.
24FootpathNottingham Road (M1 Bridge) (Nottingham Canal) – Junction with FP 10.
25FootpathNottingham Road (M1 Bridge) (Nottingham Canal) – Nottingham Road junction with BW26.
26BridlewayNottingham Road junction with FP25 – Cossall Road.
27FootpathJunction with BW26 (Rear of Hill Rise) – Parish Boundary junction with Cossall FP13