Parish Hall & Grounds Committee

Terms of reference

  1. To act as a Standing Committee with responsibility for hall maintenance and general oversight of the premises.
  2. To authorise any work of maintenance or repair not exceeding £500 per calendar month.
  3. To exercise an overall responsibility for hall lettings, to review these periodically and do everything possible to foster maximum usage of the premises on an economic basis.
  4. To keep hire charges under regular review and make appropriate recommendations to the Council as the need arises.
  5. To maintain play equipment to a safe standard.  To be responsible for trees, grass, hedges, fences and the millenium obelisk.  To be responsible to the Council for the maintenance of the car park.  To report periodically on the sustainability of the premises for the use of hirers including the Parish Council.
  6. To prepare an annual budget of income and expenditure for the ensuing year by the second Tuesday of each November.
  7. To consider special booking applications and, in particular, those which call for some variations of the agreed rules, e.g. applications to sell alcoholic drinks on the premises.
  8. To scrutinize the accounts appertaining to the Parish Hall as may be necessary.
  9. In exceptional circumstances to approve accounts for payment subject to there being a majority of Councillors present and being in favour.
  10. To submit a financial report to the Council at least quarterly.
  11. To meet at least 3 times per year.
  12. To be quorate the Committee requires a minimum of 4 Members to be present.