Finance & General Purpose Committee

Terms of reference


  1. To estimate the Council Tax levy for Parish Council requirements in respect of the ensuing financial year and to recommend the precept amount to the Parish Council.
  2. To control the expenditure of the Council, to deal with all financial matters (except those dealt with by: the Parish Hall & Grounds Committee under paras 2 and 5 of their terms of reference; and the Planning & Environment Committee and the Newsletter Editorial Committee under their specific terms of reference), and make such recommendations as may seem advisable.
  3. TO submit and recommend payment of accounts at the Council’s monthly meetings.  In exceptional circumstances to approve accounts for payment subject to there being a majority of Councillors present and being in favour.
  4. To consider any request by the Parish Hall & Grounds Committee, the Planning & Environment Committee and the Newsletter Editorial Committee for financial assistance from the precept, and to make recommendations thereon to the Parish Council.
  5. To investigate any call upon the Council’s financial resources which may involve a loan.
  6. To examine the Council’s accounts periodically, in relation to the above income and expenditure.

General Purposes

  1. To deal with any matters calling for immediate consideration referred to the Committee by the Council Chair and not covered by another Committee.
  2. To deal with any matter affecting the wellbeing of the Parish which is not covered by another Committee and which is, from time to time, referred from the Parish Council.
  3. To meet at least 3 times a year for the above purposes.