Council Meetings

Meeting dates & times

All meetings take place in the Parish Hall, unless stated otherwise.  Agenda links below are to the agenda for the last meeting, until the agenda for a forthcoming meeting has been issued.  Minutes links below are to the last approved minutes issued.

Due to the Coronavirus lockdown regular council and committee meetings were suspended from March to June 2020.  An Emergency Committee sat as required during that time to deal with urgent matters.  Council meetings have now resumed at the Parish Hall.  All Meetings are currently starting at 7.15 pm.

Full Council:  This takes place on the second Tuesday of every month, except for August and December, and starts at 7.15 pm. 


Council Mins April 2021

The next Council meeting is due to take place on Tuesday 7th September 2021.

Open forum

Minutes: click here

Emergency Committee: sat in place of the Full Council during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Agenda: click here

Planning & Environment Committee:  Currently incorporated as part of the Full Council meeting each month.

Finance & General Purpose Committee:  

Agenda F&GP

FGP Mins March 2021

Parish Hall  & Grounds Committee

Agenda – P.H.G.C. 30-03-21

PHGC March 2021

Newsletter Editorial Committee

This committee is in abeyance.

Trowell Festival Village Committee

This committee is in abeyance.

Annual Parish Meeting

The next APM is scheduled for 26th April 2022.