Trowell Residents Flooding Meeting

Following the recent flooding, Cllrs Don Pringle and Lydia Ball and MP Darren Henry would like to invite all affected Trowell Residents to a meeting in Trowell Parish Hall on the 1st December between 1pm and 3pm. At the meeting they will share all the information they have gathered since the event. To make sure that they do not miss any concerns and ideas you may have, can you please send them to Don’s email address as soon as possible. They understand that not everyone will have access to Facebook and websites, and the fact that sadly many residents will not be in their homes, so please pass on the information. It would be greatly appreciated.

1 Comment on “Trowell Residents Flooding Meeting

  1. Regarding flooding in October. We have lived here since 1988. The flood in 2001 was more severe than the recent episodes and significantly we were not impacted at all even with a lower flood bank. Something new caused the flooding recently as our garden was flooded for the first time ever. Also Roehampton drive has never flooded. We need to know the reason for this new occurrence. Was it human failure to do what was necessary or was it impacted by the new housing estate being built. After 2001 the flood bank was raised & the bridge on moorbridge road rebuilt minus stanchions which, until now, has protected our properties on Trowell park. What has gone wrong !!