The ‘ACT 3 Parishes Partnership’ agree to tackle off-road motorcycle nuisance.

The ‘ACT 3 Parishes Partnership’ agree to tackle off-road motorcycle nuisance

A SHARED PROBLEM FOR AWSWORTH, COSSALL & TROWELL – Illegal and anti-social off-road and on-road motorcycle activity is a source of constant complaint.

SO WHAT CAN WE DO? – The 3 Parishes have agreed a joint initiative as all have similar issues of noise and anti-social behaviour from those using motorcycles and quad bikes off-road on private land and on local roads and public Rights of Way.  

The 3 Parish Councils, with others, held a partnership meeting in July 2019 to help identify issues, discuss possible solutions and decide how best to move forward.

The group agreed to formally request that Nottinghamshire Police implement Operation Jericho across our area. This makes use of an order which provides wide-ranging powers that the police can use to tackle illegal and anti-social off-road and on-road motorcycle activity. It has been used successfully elsewhere in Notts.

The 3 Parishes are mapping ‘hot spots’ within their areas to target where action might be taken. It is intended that this will involve Notts Police Off-road Bike Team.

An important part of this initiative is for the 3 Parishes to communicate with their local community. Both in terms of reporting action and letting you know how you can help.

We are asking that the local community help us by reporting incidents to the police using the free 101 number and obtaining an incident number. This will help provide the evidence that is needed to justify using resources to target such activity. It will be helpful if you could also let your Parish Council Clerk know when you have reported an incident. Don’t think – ACT – pick up the phone and ring 101.

ACT 3 Parishes Partnership – July 2019