Public Notice


Public consultations have opened this week regarding the development on the site locally known as The Forge. The public consultation closes on the 6th of January 2023, so you only have a limited time to contribute.


The full planning application can be viewed on:


Or contact your local Councillors, for more information on how to contribute.


A Full Council Meeting will be held for the public to come and talk to the Councillors, on Friday 23rd December 2022 at Trowell Parish Hall at 6pm.


Thank you for your time

1 Comment on “Public Notice

  1. In my opinion this site is unsuitable for such a business. Having wild animals contained on such a site would be cruel to the animals , and a nuisance to the neighbours.
    Traffic considerations are paramount. Access from Ilkeston road will be very difficult. The amount of vehicle traffic expected will cause multiple problems.
    If this proposal falls within the green belt, then that alone should ensure rejection.
    Zoos across the county are closing, I suspect that eventually, should this pass, then it will just ends up as a restaurant. I can’t see that anybody would want to stay overnight for just for that!